Zùsto, a Belgian-made sweetener produced from non-digestible, water soluble fibres derived from corn and chicory, claims to be the world’s first “sugar without sugar”, delivering the same sweet taste but with 75% less calories than sugar and a glycemic index of just 22.

“The main difference between Zùsto and other sugar alternatives is that it can replace sugar on a 1:1 weight basis,” Julie Mee, Zùsto business development manager, tells The Cream.

“This means that recipes, which would normally contain sugar do not need to be altered, so the final product or dish maintains its structure and texture. As it is heat soluble and caramelises like sugar it can be used across a range of applications.”

What’s interesting is that, unlike many other sugar alternatives, Zùsto are not only targeting retail manufacturers but also foodservice, to be used in products such as ice creams, chocolate, preserves, cookies and desserts, with the “innovative and unique” sweetener’s versatility and ability to perform when heated making it suitable even for top level pastry chefs.