Zusto Gourmet 300g

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Zusto® sugar substitute
4 x less calories compared to sugar

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Zusto is a unique and innovative sugar substitute which is made from naturally derived substances, namely dietary fibres of corn and chicory. These fibres deliver the sweet taste and structure of traditional sugar.

Zusto can replace sugar on a 1 to 1 weight basis, so this means that the structure, texture and taste of the original product does not alter. Also, it does not have an after taste sensation.

Zusto has 75% less calories than normal sugar. 100g sugar = 400 kcal vs 100g Zusto = 98 kcal.

Zusto is ideal for diabetic patients as it has a low glycaemic index of 22. The fibres in Zusto naturally lower blood sugar levels.
The corn and chicory fibres in Zusto have an additional prebiotic effect on the human intestinal flora. This can lead to a healthier digestive system.

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Visit our dedicated FAQs page to find out more about Zusto, its structure, how best to use it whilst cooking and more.

11 reviews for Zusto Gourmet 300g

  1. Robin W. (verified owner)

    At Last !!… A sugar substitute that actually does what it says on the packet… Substiture Sugar.
    No aftertaste, easy to mix, great for anyone on a diet as less calories, plus better for pre-diabetics than some of the awful competitors efforrts… 10/10 for this product

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product for diabetic like me, can have creme caramel, panacota, biscuits again, next step….ice cream..no bitter after taste !

  3. Rachel Watson (verified owner)

    I can taste artificial sweetener.

  4. Ildiko (verified owner)

    Great service,good product,no after taste.

  5. Andrew Graham (verified owner)

    This is excellent, I would highly recommend this excellent product.

  6. Marilyn (verified owner)

    Exactly as described arrived quickly.

  7. Ray C. (verified owner)

    Only bought this recently, so haven’t used it much yet. It worked well in some bread making- I was very impressed with the rapid delivery and, as a type 2 diabetic, I look forward to trying some of the interesting recipes that I wouldn’t attempt if they included sugar instead of Zusto.

  8. diana cherif (verified owner)

    I’ve never had it before but i was amazed of how sweet it taste. It’s brilliant.
    I will be buying this product again.

  9. William Wade (verified owner)

    It looks and tastes like sugar. But I have yet to try cooking with it. My wife is type1 diabetic, and I am trialling products to find what she can consume.

  10. Patrick R. (verified owner)

    works well in coffee, tea and breakfast cereal. Too much and that chicory taste comes through (I’m not keen on that)
    For me, about a third of the amount of sugar gives same sweetness.
    It is quite ‘dusty’ similar consistency to icing sugar.

  11. christine smith (verified owner)

    Had after taste

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Zusto® contains a combination of specific dietary fibers that have been specially selected because of their health value and their excellent qualities as a sugar substitute in all kinds of applications. Moreover, they reinforce each other’s work.

Zusto®, like sugar, gives sweetening power and structure to the products in which it is used. Zusto® owes its sweet taste for the most part to the fibres used. For an identical taste experience, including the characteristic peak that causes sugar, we add an intensive sweetener. Usually it is sucralose, a substance made from sugar with a strongly comparable sweet profile.

The fibres not only provide sweetening and structure, they also offer a number of health benefits and prebiotic effects. After all, eating more fibre is healthy: they form a food source for good bacteria and thus promote healthy intestinal flora. In addition, they allow a substantial reduction in calories. For example, strawberry jam prepared with Zusto contains almost 70% fewer calories. Diabetics can also safely use the product. Zusto is also gluten-free.


For best results, ensure that you keep Zùsto sealed once opened – all our bags have a resealable tag on for this purpose.