Zusto is a revolutionary sugar substitute.

It combines specific food fibres that were chosen for their health benefits and their excellent qualities as a sugar substitute.

As seen in Natural Health Magazine, the UK’s top alternative well being magazine

I purchased this for my grandparents who are both diabetic. They are very pleased with the product and find it much better than other artificial sweeteners they have tried. It’s even made a difference to their sugar levels, so the doctors were pleased too!

Katie Murdoch

Found Zusto sugar substitute after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Very happy with its taste when used in hot drinks and it doesn’t leave any aftertaste like other sweeteners seem to do.

Linda M

What a fantastic product! Not only did it arrive quickly but was packaged well and came with detailed instructions on its use when cooking. I have already used Zusto to make sugar-free vegan brownies and rocky road, both of which were a huge success – could not recommend this product more 🙂

Jonny H


Zùsto is a sugar substitute with a heavy fiber content and only natural, FDA-approved ingredients. It provides sweetness identical to sugar, while being superior to sugar in terms of structure and texture. The key benefits of Zùsto are:

  • Replaces sugar 1:1 – no need to change existing recipes.
  • Low glycemic index of 22 – suitable for diabetics.
  • 98 kcal per 100g – 75% fewer calories.
  • Trusted by professionals and hobby bakers.
  • As seen in Natural Health and OK! Magazine.
  • Vegan and gluten free.

Health Benefits

  • Increased absorption of calcium & magnesium (↓ Osteoporosis)
  • Relief of constipation & diverticulitis
  • Reduction in blood cholesterol
  • Slowdown of glucose in absorption in blood
  • Stimulation of intestinal flore
  • Increase in stool frequency and mass
  • Improved lipid metabolism


Zùsto exists mostly of diatery fibers from corn and chicory. Those fibers deliver the sweet taste and structure of traditional sugar, but also strengthen the good health and well-being. This means that up to 99% of the Zùsto ingredients lower the blood sugar level when used as sugar, which makes Zùsto the perfect solution for Diabetes. Zùsto is supported by a scientific board of professors at the universities of Brussels and Ghent, Belgium.


“Zusto is a beautiful substitute for anyone who wants to enjoy sweet products but isn’t able to anymore because they want to avoid added sugars.”

Prof. Raoul Rottiers

“Zusto’s ingredients are all natural and are FDA-approved in Europe and the United States. There’s no reason not to commercialise it.”

Prof. André Huyghebaert

“We found by replacing the sugar content and in our ice cream with Zusto, it did not effect the taste or the freezing quality. Customers couldn’t tell the difference.”

Eric, Ice Cream Chef at Charlottes Jersey ice Cream Parlour. 

“Obesity is a prosperity disease that both young and old are suffering from more and more.”

Dr.med. Thierry Hanh

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  • 98 KCAL PER 100 GRAM


Are you ready to enjoy the sweet side of life ?