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  1. sally (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Great product, I use it as I was diagnosed pre diabetic. By changing my diet and including Zusto, I now have a lower blood glucose level.

    ZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kgZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kg

  2. Carole Venner (verified owner)

    Zusto is a perfect alternative to sugar, if rather expensive

    ZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kgZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kg

  3. Deborah Nealis (verified owner)

    Best sweetener found yet. Bit pricey but no after taste so worth it

    ZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kgZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kg

  4. Fred Hickson (verified owner)

    All good replaces sugar due to diabetes

    ZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kgZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kg

  5. diana cherif (verified owner)

    I’ve never had it before but i was amazed of how sweet it taste. It’s brilliant.
    I will be buying this product again.

    Zusto Gourmet 300gZusto Gourmet 300g

  6. Ezabel S. (verified owner)

    LOVE ZUSTO ALWAYS! Been buying since Oct 2020 and never stopped. The best for my keto diet.

    ZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kgZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kg

  7. Claire Ruddock (verified owner)

    best sugar substitute Ive tried and I have tried many.

    ZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kgZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kg

  8. William Wade (verified owner)

    It looks and tastes like sugar. But I have yet to try cooking with it. My wife is type1 diabetic, and I am trialling products to find what she can consume.

    Zusto Gourmet 300gZusto Gourmet 300g

  9. Ezabel Siek (verified owner)

    Been using Zusto since Oct 2020 and the longer I use it, the more I know how to work with it. Zusto is excellent for baked goods that require moisture like cakes and muffins. It doesn’t make cookies crisp but it makes it chewy if you like. I have learnt to mix Zusto with other sugars or sweeteners for best results. Being on a low carb/keto diet, I mix erythritol and Zusto to have a perfect sugar-like neutral taste with a roughly 3:1 ratio of 3 parts erythritol and 1 part Zusto when I attempt crispy cookies. For savoury, Zusto is amazing without flaw. I usually add a few teaspoons to stews, sauces, glazes, and especially to caramelise. It is an excellent substitute for allulose (which is hard to come by in the UK) and Zusto makes perfect caramel, butterscotch and toffee sauces. I am a huge supporter and will continue to be! Thanks for the love, Zusto!

    ZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kgZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kg

  10. Michael B. (verified owner)

    The best sugar substitute I have found by a country mile. All the family have changed over to Zusto without knowing and haven’t noticed it’s not sugar. Excellent

    ZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kgZÙSTO Gourmet 1 kg

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  • Does not contain substances or products causing allergies or intolerances
  • No added sugar
  • Low glycemic response
  • Food grade, suitable for human consumption
  • GMO-free status
  • Classified as “Food Ingredients”/ “Food Additives” in EU
  • GRAS or FDA approved in US

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