1 Litre of full cream
500 grams of Chocolate
375 grams of Zusto
125 grams of egg yolk
Vanilla pod


1. First start with the whipped cream: Pour one litre of cream (cooled
from the fridge) in a bowl. Place the mixer in the cream, add 250
grams of Zùsto and immediately start beating at speed. Scrape
the seeds from the vanilla pod and add to the mixture. Keep mixing
until the cream has almost completely stiffened. Then work at a
soft speed (or manually) until the consistency is perfect.
2. Melt the chocolate in a standard bowl above a pan of
boiling water.
3. Meanwhile, start mixing the egg yolks. Then add the 125 grams of
Zùsto after about a minute of mixing.
4. Carefully stir the whipped cream amongst the soft chocolate.
Divide the chocolate mousse over nice glasses and put in the fridge
for at least one hour to stiffen.
5. Enjoy your chocolate mousse with “More Pleasure, Less Guilt.”