By cold infusing the Earl Grey tea, none of the harsh tannins are released, therefore making the infusion wonderfully fragrant.
This tea is the perfect foil to the 11 different fruits we use in the cake, and the tea’s pronounced bergamot oil from the ancient orchards of Calabria adds another layer of flavour effortlessly into the cake, then a marzipan layer and the high proportion of marmalade elevates it further.
We intensify the flavours further by pan frying slices of the cake in beurre noisette and pair it with a glass of chilled cold infused Earl Grey for a summer elevenses. The addition of Zusto in this pastry allows us to be confident we are responding to consumers needs matching gastronomy with a clear appetite from customers for healthier and lower calorie desserts and pastries.

Cold infused Earl grey tea
Rare tea company Earl grey Tea 5g
Highland Spring still water 1000g
Zusto 100g

1. Mix together and leave to infuse for 12 hours then strain

Fruit soak
Lexia raisins 100g
Golden raisins 100g
Currants 100g
Semi dried apricots / chopped 100g
Majool dates / chopped 100g
Dried sour cherries 150g
Dried sliced cranberries 150g
Agen prunes / chopped 100g
Dried figs / kept whole 150g
Candied lemon rind / chopped 75g
Candied oranges rind / chopped 75g
Ren’s Spices ground cinnamon 2g
Ren’s Spices ground ginger 2g
Ren’s Spices nutmeg 1g
Organic unwaxed Lemon zest / finely grated 5g
Organic unwaxed Orange zest / finely grated 10g
Grand Marnier 100g
Balvenie Port wood 21 year old single malt whisky 25g
Marmalade / homemade 200g
Cold infused Earl grey tea – see recipe enough to generously cover all fruit

1. Toast the spices lightly in a pan
2. Mix together and leave to infuse for 24 hours then drain

Edinburgh Butter 350g
Zusto 300g
Organic free range eggs 300g
Marriages All purpose flour 500g
Ground Almonds 200g
Baking powder 15g
Invert sugar – Trimoline 150g
Lubeca marzipan As Required
Whole skinned Marcona almonds As Required
Marmalade for glazing As required
Beurre noisette As required

1. Roll the marzipan into sheets and cut into rectangles to be layered throughout the cake
2. Sieve together all dry ingredients
3. Make the cake / classic creaming method
4. Add the soaked fruit mix after the dry ingredients
5. Pour ½ the mix into a lined loaf tin and add the marzipan layer
6. Add the second ½ of the mix and then arrange the Marcona almonds on the top in alternate rows
7. Bake at 160c , cool and brush with boiled and strained marmalade
8. Once cooled the cake can be sliced, then pan fried in beurre noisette until golden
9. We then serve the warm Dundee cake with a glass of cold infused earl grey tea