6 servings

•1 sachet Hartley’s Sugar Free Strawberry Jelly Powder
•90g Strawberries

•450ml Semi Skimmed Milk
•4 tsp Cornflour
•3 Medium Egg Yolks
•1 tsp Vanilla Extract
•50g Zùsto

(Creamy Topping)
•250g Thick Greek Yogurt
•1.5 tsp Vanilla Extract
•20g Zùsto
•1 Strawberry per trifle to decorate.

(For the Jelly)
•Makes as per packet instructions, pour evenly into 6 bowls and drop in the 90g of chopped strawberries.
•put in the fridge to set.

(For the Custard)
•Heat the milk in a pan over a low heat, stir to stop bottom from catching. Let it come to a simmer and then turn off the heat.
•In a bowl whisk together the cornflour, yolks, vanilla extract and Zùsto until fully combined.
•Slowly pour the warm milk into the mix, whisking continuously.
•Pour the mixture into the pan, turn on a medium heat and whisk until the custard thickens.
•Pour custard into a jug and let it come to room temperature before putting in the fridge.

(Creamy Topping)
•In a bowl mix all the topping ingredients, put into a piping bag of you’re being fancy.
•Spoon the custard evenly on top off the 6 jellies.
•Spoon or pipe the yogurt mix on top of the custard.
•Decorate each trifle with a sliced Strawberry.