Created by @bakki_eats on Instagram!


• 240g low fat cream cheese
• 80g low fat mascarpone cheese
• 120ml low fat creme fraiche
• 70g Zùsto
• 200ml Instant coffee
• Lady’s finger
• Unsweetened cocoa powder


1) Whip up the low fat cream cheese with 35g Zùsto until soft peaks form
2) In a separate bowl, whip up the mascarpone cheese and creme fraiche, and add in the rest of the Zùsto until soft peaks form
3) Use a spatula to mix the whipped cream cheese into the mascarpone cheese mixture and gentle incorporate them completely
4) Prepare the instant coffee and soak the lady’s fingers for 5 seconds each side and place it in a rectangle container, until the bottom is lined
5) Put on a generous layer of cheese mixture on top of the Lady’s finger and repeat step 4.
6) Layer the remaining cheese mixture, cover it with a cling film and chill in the fridge overnight (or at least 3 hours) to let it set
7) Remove the cling film and use a sieve to dust off some unsweetened cocoa powder on top.