60g (2/3 cup) Oats (gf if required)
2 tbsp Low-fat vanilla yoghurt
1/2 tsp Baking powder
1 tbsp Zùsto
4 tbsp Boiling water
1 tsp Cocoa powder or drinking chocolate
Drop vanilla essence

1️. Pre-heat your oven to 200C/ 400F/ gas mark 6.
2️. Put boiling water and oats in a bowl, stir with a spoon then leave for 5 minutes to thicken.
3️. Stir in yoghurt, Zùsto and baking powder.
4️. Put half the mixture into a separate bowl and mix in the cocoa powder with a spoon.
5️. In the first bowl stir in a drop of vanilla.
6️. Spoon the mixture from one bowl at a time to layer and fill a shallow oven-proof dish lined with baking parchment/ paper.
7️. Bake in the oven for around 30 minutes. Check after 20. If should be crisp on the outside and soft but not gooey in the middle.
8️. Serve on its own or with additional yoghurt and maple syrup. It can be eaten straight away or the following day cold or warmed up.

Storage: Keep in the fridge.
It can also be frozen if wrapped up.
Batch cooking: If you want to make it for breakfast three days in a row, increase the ingredients by three, pour into a larger shallow dish and bake in the oven for longer, around 40 minutes.